Mother Nature

The fashion industry is one of the largest industry that are having a harmful effect on the environment, producing 10% of all humanity's carbon emission, been polluting the water systems and causing the climate crisis for decades.


echtego is reincarnated as sustainable fashion brand to join a movement and process of fostering change to fashion product and system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice.


The fate of deadstock and surplus materials normally ends up in landfills, but echtego revamps them with upcycling in order to encourage circular fashion economy and give many environmental benefits reducing the harmful impacts of fashion production.


The theme of echtego sustainable collection is Dr. Frankenstein.


Re-purposing deadstock pieces from Levi's through to Champion, echtego recreates entirely unique designer pieces with hybrid aesthetics. By a brilliant twist and combination of men's wear, deadstock are transformed to the women's high end streetwear with a versatility, sartorial convenience and casual luxury.


echtego woman is a socially conscious customer looking toward innovative technique of draping, appreciating the subtle hand craft details and taking a chance to mix silhouettes with experiments.


echtego's creation beautifully shows that garments can have a longer life span to overcome their expiration date. 


echtego is aiming a season less collection stark contrast from the endless seasonal fashion weeks and overproducing unsustainable fast fashion.


In order to heal the world we must form an alliance for sustainable fashion, which will coordinate effort across the industry to make world a better, cleaner for our next generation.